Toyota isn’t afraid to make fun of itself when it comes to promoting its all-new Prius. Joining its “raising heck” Super Bowl ad is another light-hearted spot titled The Longest Chase, where a Prius appears to be the perfect vehicle for bank robbers.

In the ad, four bank robbers find themselves without a getaway car due to their incompetence. Stumbling upon a red Toyota Prius, the courteous thieves commandeer the eco-car for an unorthodox escape. Even the police find it amusing that they are chasing a Prius.

Toyota Prius police chase ad

Thanks to sheer luck and the questionable capabilities of the police force chasing them, the thieves manage to lead the cops on a nationwide chase, all the while highlighting the car’s agility, safety features (autonomous emergency braking), full hybrid powertrain and its impressive fuel efficiency of 40 km/L.

Still not convinced by the Toyota Prius and its Lady Gaga-inspired looks? How about a video of the car drifting? Or one wearing a bodykit? Or even a racing version? Are any of these working for you?

GALLERY: 2016 Toyota Prius at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show