During our recent interview with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, we asked the Proton chairman to share his thoughts on the Arena, along with the progress and outlook on the aggressive-looking pick-up truck concept that was displayed at last year’s Alami Proton event.

The Proton Arena wasn’t the most popular model domestically, but enjoyed more success in export markets like Australia, where it was called the Proton Jumbuck. Although an all-new model never arrived on the scene, Proton’s pick-up truck concept is the long-awaited replacement for it, according to Tun Mahathir.

Unlike the Arena however, the new Proton pick-up will be a full-on truck instead of a two-door coupe utility pick-up. However, whether it retains the Exora underpinnings remains to be seen. Additionally, four-wheel drive – a new technology for Proton – will also feature on the pick-up. Tun Mahathir also expressed his faith that the new model will have a place in the Australian market as well.

The Proton chairman also emphasised the need for Proton to accelerate the development of its future vehicles. In the modern fast-paced automotive world, manufacturers are capable of introducing multiple new models in a shorter timeframe, which is something Proton ought to keep up pace with.

GALLERY: Proton Pick-up Concept at the 2015 Alami Proton event