BMW seems to be well on track to reviving its 8 Series nameplate. Last employed by the E31 8 Series in 1999, Autocar UK reports that a new 8 Series will arrive in year 2020, and will likely be featured on a brand-new BMW flagship coupe.

Sources with knowledge of the German carmaker’s future production plans revealed the info to the British publication. It also added that BMW’s CEO, Harald Krueger, wants to extend BMW’s line-up with high-end models.

With the new 8 Series, the Bavarian company is said to be targeting the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe and the Bentley Continental GT. As of now, two concepts have been put forward to the BMW CEO.

One of the concepts is said to be a four-door coupe much like the 6 Series Gran Coupe, only larger. The other is a proper two-door model like the Grand Lusso Coupe (pictured here) which will have a cabriolet counterpart. A final concept model will be revealed by BMW in 2018 and production is expected to commence in 2020 at BMW’s Dingolfing plant in Germany.


As mentioned, the move to introduce more high-end luxury models like an 8 Series coupe conforms to Krueger’s ambitions for the company to go toe-to-toe with Mercedes-Benz in all areas. The Stuttgart-based car maker enjoys a fair bit of success in the segment, reportedly selling some 125,000 units of its S-Class in 2015. BMW only managed to sell 36,364 units of its 7 Series last year.

With the latest-gen G11/G12 BMW 7 Series now available, the car maker is hoping to double its flagship limousine’s sales figures to 70,000 units – which will still trail the W222 S-Class’ figures.

“With the decision to bring back the 8 Series, Krueger is looking at a potentially lucrative revenue stream with high profitability on a per unit basis,” an unnamed BMW senior manager told Autocar.

GALLERY: BMW Gran Lusso Concept