Citroen E-Mehari by Courreges-1

In a special collaboration, the Citroen E-Mehari convertible electric vehicle has been given a makeover by French designer Courreges. The most noticeable element that the electric convertible sports is that white colour scheme, which can be found inside and outside. It will also be on display at the Geneva motor show, which starts this week.

Courreges says that the colour is akin to a “white dress.” To give it a touch of uniqueness, there’s an orange strip that encircles the wheels. In addition to that, the rear hoop is replaced by two side straps to allow for more space at the back.

Inside, it’s upholstered in white leather, which goes on the dashboard and rear seats. Orange is lined across the dash and along the air vents, while more orange and white can be found on the door handles.

There’s also a single-spoke, monochrome steering wheel and leather-lined floor with white mats. A plexiglas roof with frosted finish can be found up top, while the rear boot comes included with an exclusive line of luggages, made of white leather and bright orange vinyl trim.

“E-Mehari styled by Courreges concept car is a fun car, a free-roaming spirit inspired by the ground-breaking Mehari of 1968. This exclusive, fashionable car is a Courreges reinterpretation of a revolutionary Citroen model born of Citroen automotive engineering expertise,” said CEO of Citroen, Linda Jackson.

Mainly a styling exercise, there’s no change to the E-Mehari’s powertrain. Therefore, an electric motor that produces 68 hp is the main power source for the convertible. The E-Mehari has a top speed of 110 km/h.

Supplying the motor with power are lithium metal polymer “dry” batteries developed by the Bollore group. In total, it has a travel range of 200 km, and can be charged to full in eight hours on a 16A socket and 13 hours on a European 10A domestic socket.

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