Citroen E-MEHARI-01

The Citroen E-Mehari convertible electric vehicle (EV) has been unveiled, inspired by the Citroen Méhari of the late 60s. Previewed by the Cactus M Concept earlier, the E-Mehari is jointly developed by the Bollore Group and the French automaker.

The E-Mehari measures in at 3,810 mm in length, 1,870 mm in width and 1,650 mm in height. It has a total boot capacity of 200 litres, and with the folding rear bench down, space is expanded to 800 litres in total.

Exterior of the two-door cabriolet consists of signature dual headlights, a smiling fascia and a ribbed door pattern from the original Méhari. Apart from that, the E-Mehari features black wing extenders, lower valance and a black front bumper. It also comes with a removable top, closed at the side by a foldaway system with large windows. It can be used to cover the front, the sides, rear or the whole vehicle.

It sits on a raised chassis, that allows for all-terrain driving. The bodywork is made from corrosion-free thermoformed plastics, which has the elasticity to hold out against minor impacts. It comes with a choice of four different colours that includes blue, orange, yellow and beige. On top of that, the roof can be specified in either black or orange-red.

Citroen E-MEHARI-03

Inside, it’s a four-seater, while two interior trim colours can be opted for. This includes beige and orange-red, which comes with a water sports-inspired central pattern. Materials are made from plastic-coated fabric that makes the interior waterproof. On that note, Citroen says that the interior can be hosed down as well.

Powering it, is an electric motor that makes 68 hp, which allows the vehicle a top speed of 110 km/h. Juice is provided by lithium metal polymer “dry” batteries developed by the Bollore group. In total, the E-Mehari has a travel range of 200 km. Recharging the batteries requires a total of eight hours on a 16A socket and 13 hours on a European 10A domestic socket.

Produced at the PSA Peugeot Citroen plant in France, the EV is expected to be launched in the country sometime at the start of the second quarter next year and other European markets by end 2016.

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