BMW Vision Future Luxury.

It is no secret that BMW plans to produce a model that will sit above its current flagship limousine, the 7 Series. In the past, one of its options was believed to be an S-Class Coupe-like model, called the 8 Series.

However, a report by Automotive News suggests that BMW is also interested in taking on its arch rival’s luxury brand, the Mercedes-Maybach, with something that could be known as the BMW 9 Series. Speaking to BMW development chief, Klaus Froelich, last week, it seems that the Munich-based car maker is keen to pinch high-spending customers away from its rival.

“Just like certain competitors, we will see that we occupy, with credible offers, the price bracket of 150,000 euros (RM675k) and beyond,” said Froelich. The BMW chief also took a snap at his competitors, suggesting that it lacked substance.

“Some simply do four or five wheelbases (lengths) and add varyingly thick chrome packages. That will not be the BMW approach,” he said. The development boss insisted that BMW will remain true to its nature, producing cars that are more exciting to drive than be driven in.

The car maker’s CEO, Harald Krueger, also confirmed that a new “luxury class” BMW is on the cards. “The luxury class will remain a high-margin segment, so we intend to enhance our presence by adding another new model,” he said.

Question is, if you could afford a luxury vehicle like a Mercedes-Maybach, would you want to drive it like BMW thinks you do, or be driven in it? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

GALLERY: BMW Vision Future Luxury