BMW is mulling over the possibility of producing a 9 Series ‘super sedan’ that will see it compete with the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. Back in April 2014, BMW presented the Vision Future Luxury Concept, which hinted at a new flagship that could sit above the 7 Series.

As expected, the initial hype died down soon after, with no mention of the car ever going into production – until now. With the aforementioned rival already in existence, word is going around that incoming BMW CEO, Harald Krueger, is a huge fan of the concept, further cementing hope for the 9 Series.

Should the production model echo the concept, we could be looking at a car that measures in at 5,500 mm in length – roughly 280 mm more than the current long-wheelbase 7 Series. Expect the next-generation of BMW’s Laserlight technology to feature, which includes OLED (organic LED) rear lights and laser headlights.

Additional pizzazz in the form of suicide doors a la Rolls-Royce Phantom could feature as well, seeing as how the concept already possesses said setup. As for the interior, there is no doubt that BMW will go all out to ensure the ambience is nothing short of spectacular, considering the opposition.

The sole aspect that is unlikely to make it to production would probably be the carbon-fibre bars that double as the B-pillars and form part of the core structure. Should production of the BMW 9 Series receive the go-ahead, the public can look forward to 2017 for a global debut.