GrabCar safety-01

Ride-hailing platform Grab has gone one step further to enhance the safety of female GrabCar drivers as well as the safety of passengers. In an announcement, the company will be introducing a new in-car CCTV camera in GrabCars in Malaysia and a new insurance policy in South East Asia.

Malaysia is the first country to see an in-car CCTV camera installed. It will be fixed in GrabCars that are driven by female drivers for better security of both driver and passengers as well. To be fixed in some 100 cars, it will also help solve any disputes by driver or passengers.

The second initiative comes in the form of a Personal Accident Insurance coverage (PAI). The group coverage extends to all GrabCar passengers and drivers (GrabBike too in certain regions). It’s applicable to 28 cities in all six countries that Grab operates in.

According to the company, Grab Personal Accident Insurance provides an additional layer of free insurance in addition to commercial auto insurance. The latter provides differing coverage for drivers and passengers.

GrabCar safety-02

The policy covers accidental death, permanent dismemberment and bodily injuries in the event of accidents for both driver and passenger (up to RM64,200 per person in Malaysia). The amount differs according to markets, and each incident will be evaluated individually by insurance providers.

Last but not least, the company aims to cut down the number of traffic accidents in South East Asia through various safety initiatives. In Philippines and Indonesia (soon to roll out in Thailand), a number of defensive riding courses have been held for GrabBike. Down in Singapore, Grab has been working with the Singapore Traffic Police to promote safety awareness.

The initiatives are said to complement Grab’s existing safety features including “share-my-ride,” a PDRM button, dual payment option along with 24-7 customer service support and stringent background screenings of GrabCar drivers.