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Posted by Richardt Piek on Sunday, 14 December 2014

We tend to see pictures on social media of parents seated in the front passenger seats – with their kids on their lap. This shouldn’t happen at all. If you’re wondering why, this video will enlighten you and perhaps have you thinking more about the importance of child seats.

Demonstrated by the NSW Centre for Road Safety, the video takes a situation that we see all too often – a child and a parent seated in the front seat – but with the airbags deploying in full force. “The parent is wearing a seatbelt but the child is unrestrained,” the narrator explains at the start.

As seen in the video, the airbag inflates right in the child’s face, thrusting the baby violently towards the car’s roof. The possible injuries? A broken neck and possible skull fracture for the baby. The parent on the other hand, will suffer from a facial injury.

07 Child-Seat

If you’re still wondering why a child seat is extremely crucial (and why the seat belt should always be worn properly, at that), the second part will do well to elaborate the injuries that can be sustained during a 48 km/h crash. In this case, the seat belt is worn wrongly, under the child’s arm rather than over it.

“The seat belt slides down with both parts of the belt, then tightening into the child’s abdomen. The child’s body wraps itself around the belt,” the narrator explains. Bear in mind that while this may be a 48 km/h crash, the injuries suffered can be great too.

“Internal abdominal injuries, possible spinal and facial injuries will occur,” the narrator concludes. So guys, get your child properly strapped into a child seat, because it has saved a child’s life in many cases, told and untold. It’s no joke and being in a car, is serious business especially if you have a baby inside.