Ford Mustang Fastback Euro 16

The Ford Mustang is seeing high demand in the UK, with customer delivery waiting times stretched out to six months, Autocar UK reports. To date, orders have surpassed the 3,500 mark. Customers placing an order in April will need to wait until October 2016 before their Mustangs arrive.

Elsewhere, other performance models are seeing great demand in Europe as well. Models such as the Ford Focus RS has recorded a total of 1,500 orders in the first month of its introduction, putting it up there as one of Britain’s best-selling cars in a span of a month. According to Raj Nair, product development boss, dealers have placed another 5,000 orders for the Focus RS.

Over the world, demand for Ford’s performance cars are also on the rise according to Nair. Globally, sales have gone up by 62% to 180,000 units in 2015, while the company currently holds 13,000 unfulfilled orders for the Mustang, which is said to be an instant success across Europe.

Although it’s good news, a few problems will need to be ironed out as well, according to Ford president, Jim Farley. “Of course it’s all great news. but it also holds its own problems. Many of the performance parts come from small companies that can’t just scale up their production overnight,” he explained.

Farley stated that it would “take time” to fulfil the demand of the Ford Mustang due to overwhelming demand not just in Europe – but across the world. “The car has been enormously well-received right across the world, including in big markets like China and the US, so it will be quite a while before we can get on top of the backlog we have here in Europe,” he disclosed.

Despite that, the brand views this as a good problem to have. “It’s a better situation than having a bunch of slow-selling products, but it definitely has frustrations. The last thing you want is your best customers having to wait long periods to get delivery of your most emotional products. So of course, we’re doing everything we can think of to improve things,” Farley concluded.

Similarly, long waiting lists occured in Australia when it was first launched Down Under too. Seeing that the right-hand drive Mustang has arrived on our shores, will we be facing the same kind of demand here? Moreover, will this prompt Chevrolet to react – what do you guys think? Leave your thoughts below.

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