Remember Nissan’s teaser video earlier in the week, where it claimed to set a new Guinness World Record? Well, that record involves setting the fastest ever drift, and the car used in the attempt is far beyond what we initially thought.

Using a specially-tuned MY16 Nissan GT-R, the record was broken with a speed of 304.96 km/h and 30-degree angle. The man who made the attempt is naturally skilled of course – Masato Kawabata, the Japanese drift champion and title holder for the Japanese D1 Grand Prix.

As for the car, the GT-R was specially prepared with the assistance of Nismo specialists. This particular car makes 1,380 hp from a 4.0 litre engine, although the video doesn’t disclose further specifications. However, unlike regular GT-Rs, this one sends its four-figure power to the rear wheels.

Nissan GT-R Breaks the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title

Could it be a bored-out version of the standard 3.8 litre VR38DETT biturbo V6? Who knows. Nonetheless, the GReddy Trust-tuned engine cranks out more than double of what a GT-R Nismo makes. And it’s plenty noisy as well

To make sure that things go smoothly, and Kawabata has enough space to make the attempt, the record was set during a special event that took place at Fujairah International Airport, UAE. The choices was a strategic one due to the airport’s 3 km long airstrip that served the purpose of the challenge.

Amazing stuff, isn’t it? What car do you think can best the monstrous (insert Godzilla reference) GT-R’s newly-set world record?