LeEco LeSEE concept-11

It appears that China’s answer to Tesla’s electric vehicles, the LeSEE aims to transform the Chinese auto industry, Tech in Asia reports. Chinese startup LeEco, unveiled its all-electric four-door sedan recently. The unveiling was carried out by none-other than Chinese billionaire and backer of Faraday Future, Jia Yueting.

In his speech during the unveiling, Yueting said, “everyone was questioning and laughing at us, but we’re still presenting this car here today.” The billionaire took a jab at the Chinese auto industry and its automakers in particular, notoriously known to be far from original in terms of design.

“The Chinese auto industry is doing more reverse engineering than active engineering,” Yueting criticised, adding, “a lot of the work is just copying others’ effort. But this will change.” LeEco, one of Yueting’s companies (formerly called LeTV) announced its plans to create electric vehicles back in 2014.

Officially revealed last week, the Tesla fighter has a fresh design, with its sloping roofline, a light strip as headlights and tailamps and cameras as side mirrors. Up top, the roof appears to be connected to the front and rear windshields as one piece.

Inside, the LeSEE has a futuristic interior with a steering wheel that can be folded down when self-driving mode is engaged. Apart from that, a digital “smart screen” makes up a significant portion of the dashboard, which displays necessary vehicle information. In the rear, there are also screens in the back of the front headrests and rear centre console, while the seats are in a layered design.

Although details remain scarce on the EV’s powetrain, reports noted that the LeSEE has a theoretical top speed of 209 km/h. During the unveiling, the LeSEE was “summoned” onto the stage by Yueting via a smartphone and from there it went off to park itself. With that being said, autonomous technology for the LeSEE however (as we are given to understand), is still under development.