Now what do we have here? Why, it’s the 2016 Proton Persona, in the flesh, completely undisguised! The Iriz sedan has been spotted in Kuala Lumpur by paultan.org reader Arvin R ahead of its official launch later this year.

In what appears to be a photo/video shoot done out in public, we can now have a very good look at the next-generation Persona, which is clearly based on the Iriz. The A-pillar quarter windows, door-mounted wing mirrors and 14-inch wheels are taken straight off the B-segment hatchback.

Everything else seem to be unique to the new model, though, with a sharper face featuring slimmer reflector headlights (with very intricate inner graphics, no less), an almost Honda Civic-like “floating” chrome grille and a revised lower bumper design. It’s a rather handsome look, especially from the front.


Moving back, the Iriz’s sideblades on the bottom of the doors have been retained, but they now extend past the rear wheels, into the rear bumper section. A subtle character line above the rear wheelarches neatly lead into the new almond-shaped tail lights, which are mounted high on the short boot.

This particular model appears to be a base variant, fitted with unpainted door handles, wing mirrors, body-coloured B-pillars and small wheels. You can expect higher-end models to have the necessary upgrades, along with either fog lamps or LED daytime running lights up front.

The Iriz’s range of 1.3 litre and 1.6 litre VVT engines are expected to be offered on the 2016 Proton Persona at launch, but we’ll know more in due time. So folks, do you like what you see here? Tell what you think in the comments section below.

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