In a bid to compete with ride-hailing services Uber and Grab, a taxi company will be launching a mobile application within the next few months, The Sun reports.

Big Blue Taxi Services says the app will help its taxi drivers promote better quality services. The company’s advisor, Datuk Shamsubaharin Ismail, said the application will prevent haggling and allow users to rate the driver’s behaviour and the vehicle’s condition.

“With that information, users will be able to ask for drivers that they have had good experiences with, which will encourage other taxi drivers to step up their services,” he said, adding that details of the driver and vehicle registration will be made available to the user when he or she uses the app to book a cab. There is a booking fee of RM2 for rides ordered via the app.

He said that more details of the app will be revealed in the next couple of weeks. The app is expected to be launched in around two months’ time. Shamsubahrin said that the company’s taxi drivers are receptive to the idea of the application and are eager to try it out.

The announcement of the Big Blue app follows on another called iTeksi, which was launched last month. As the name suggests, the app allows users to book taxi services in a similar fashion to Grab.