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Following its launch on Wednesday, it looks like the locally-asssembled Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine could soon be joined in Volvo’s Malaysian lineup by its siblings the S90 sedan and V90 station wagon.

They’ve appeared on Volvo’s Malaysian website, with the V90 even being featured in a prominent position as the first slide on the homepage. Details are scant with no indication of price or a launch date, but its virtual appearance should mean the duo’s official arrival are on the horizon (some say early next year).

As indicated on the website, features to be expected from the S90/V90 duo include lane keeping aid, run-off road mitigation, pedestrian and large animal detection, and more. As with the recently launched XC90, the S90 and V90 feature the marque’s latest design language incorporating the “Thor’s Hammer” full-LED headlamps, “Iron Mark” grille and C-shaped tail lights.

As part of the 90 Series, both the S90 and V90 could feature the T8 Twin Engine 407 hp/640 Nm plug-in hybrid powertrain – with a 2.0 litre turbo- and supercharged petrol engine mated to a rear electric motor and an eight-speed automatic. Thus equipped, should be able to achieve Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) status and enjoy the same tax breaks that allow the CKD XC90 T8 to achieve its RM403,888 sticker price.

After all, the foundations for Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) production are already in place, as Volvo has made huge investments to improve the the current infrastructure and capabilities of the Swedish Motor Assemblies plant in Shah Alam to handle the platform and the sophisticated powertrain.

“Our recent investment in Malaysia underscores our commitment to the country’s aspiration to become an ASEAN hub for EEVs, in line with the National Automotive Policy,” said Volvo Car Malaysia managing director Lennart Stegland at the launch of the CKD XC90.

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