Novitec Rosso Ferrari 488 GTB 18

It was only a matter of time before German tuner Novitec Rosso released its tuning package for the Ferrari 488 GTB. It’s finally here, and as you’d expect, there is more of everything.

According to Novitec, “even a top-notch sports car can never have enough power.” Therefore, the Ferrari’s 3.9 litre twin-turbo V8 gets a series of modifications to extract more power from it. For starters, a pair of new N-Tronic control modules now manage the car’s engine electronics, including injection and ignition mappings, as well as boost pressure.

The Fezza also gets a Novitec high-performance exhaust system, which not only helps to optimise power output, but also increase aural pleasure. The exhaust comes in various versions, including one made from the superalloy, Inconel. There is even an optional electronic sound management system and 100-cell high-flow sports catalysts.

The result is 772 hp and 892 Nm of torque, which is 112 hp and 132 Nm more than the standard car. Naturally, the car’s performance also gets a boost as a result. The zero to 100 km/h time is just 2.8 seconds, two tenths quicker than the standard car, while top speed is now 342 km/h (up by 12 km/h).

Novitec Rosso Ferrari 488 GTB 19

To ensure the rest of car matches up to the power hike, Novitec has also introduced several aerodynamic components, all made from naked carbon-fibre. These aero elements include a front spoiler lip, side skirts, and a large rear wing. A few aesthetic enhancements have also been introduced like a black-tinted third brake light and various carbon surrounds.

Aside from the bodykit, the 488 GTB also gets new NF4 21-inch forged wheels fitted with Pirelli P Zero tyres (sized 255/30 at the front and 325/25 on the rear). Novitec also offers three-piece NF7 alloys as an option, with slightly wider tyres at back (335/25).

To ensure that the nose of the modified Ferrari is devoid of scrapes, Novitec has fitted a hydraulic suspension system that can raise the car by 40 mm at the touch of a button. When the car is not busy navigating a parking garage ramp, the suspension system lowers the car’s ride height by about 35 mm, providing better stability at high speed.