The Road Transport Department (JPJ) is hoping to hit a new record with the implementation of the ‘F’ license plate numbers for Putrajaya. It expects bids for the vehicle registration number ‘F 1’ to exceed RM1 million during the tender period from June 1 until noon on June 14.

Should bids for the coveted ‘F 1’ number plate exceed RM1 million, it will be the most expensive vehicle registration number ever bought in the country. The highest price ever paid for a regular Malaysian number plate thus far was RM748,000 for ‘W1N’ by Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor.

In a report by The Star, JPJ director-general Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad said the bidding process, which is done through an open tender, would end on Tuesday. Following this, the tender for the ‘V’ license plate numbers would begin on July 15 until the end of the month.

In a previous report, deputy transport minister Datuk Aziz Kaprawi said, “I think many Ferrari owners will be queuing up to bid for the single alphabet of ‘F’ (number plate).” We’d expect other number plates in the range – F 12, F 40, F 50 F 355, F 360, F 430, F 458, F 575, F 550, F 612 and many others to be pretty popular with buyers as well.

What do you think the winning bid amount for the ‘F 1’ plate will be? Do you think it will exceed the million Ringgit mark? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.