The new Proton Perdana already features a sleek – if rather busy – design, but what happens when you lop two doors off and shorten it? That’s what we were wondering too, so we commissioned resident Photoshop expert Theophilus Chin to come up with exclusive renderings of a Perdana coupé, which you see here.

Like what you see? The eagle-eyed amongst you would have noticed what the base car is – the previous eighth-generation Honda Accord Coupe, sold only in the United States. That should be of no surprise to any of you, as it is well known that the Perdana is based on an Accord sedan of that vintage.

The Perdana’s more rounded front end fits the profile of the Accord Coupe well – the latter’s fastback silhouette is actually closer to the rakish Proton’s, rather than the more upright one on the Honda sedan.


Theo also added the Perdana’s distinctive inverted L-shaped tail lights, prominent chrome rear bar with the new Proton logo, door handles, side skirts and massive rear diffuser with faux twin tailpipes, and the result is an even sportier look than the original car. The Proton’s two-tone wheels are also included, but have been resized to an almost comical degree, and fitted with rubber band tyres.

A bonus here too – the long front splitter, side skirts and the entire diffuser section has been coloured in black (rather than body-coloured on the sedan), and has also picked out the aforementioned tailpipes in chrome. This gives it a much more cohesive appearance and greatly reduces the visual bulk – it’s clearly what the sedan was meant to look like from the start, and it’s all the better for it.

So, what do you think of the Proton Perdana coupé? Could it be a spiritual successor to the long-departed Putra? Sound off in the comment section after the jump.

GALLERY: 2016 Proton Perdana sedan