It’s now been five years since the launch of the current second-generation Perodua Myvi – and more than a year after the facelifted model was introduced – which means that a brand-new one is due soon. The car’s expected base, the new Toyota Passo/Daihatsu Boon, was unveiled earlier in the year, leaving us to imagine what one wearing the P badge and ubiquitous nameplate would look like.

Apparently, our resident rendering expert Theophilus Chin was thinking of the same thing, and has worked his Photoshop brushes to create his vision of a next-gen Myvi. Starting with the Passo, he adapted the front fascia of the recently-launched Perodua Bezza to the body of the Toyota.

The result is actually fairly pleasing to the eye – the Bezza’s wide set grille and full-width lower air intake works well on the Passo’s boxy design. The bright yellow paint of this car certainly helps as well, although whether Perodua is willing to return to such a striking hue – yellow was last used on the pre-facelifted Myvi 1.5 SE and Extreme variants – remains to be seen.

The next Myvi is expected to use a range of new 1.3 litre and 1.5 litre Toyota NR engines, including the 94 hp/121 Nm 1NR-VE 1.3 litre mill used in the Bezza. Those engines will almost certainly be matched to either a five-speed manual gearbox or a four-speed electronic automatic transmission (E-AT).

Also expected to be inherited from the Bezza are the new technologies introduced on the new sedan, including keyless entry, push button start, an Eco Idle automatic engine start/stop system and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) on range-topping variants. As the Myvi generally arrives a year after the Toyota/Daihatsu models, expect the new one to be launched next year.

GALLERY: 2016 Toyota Passo