Toyota UK recently revealed its homage to the iconic Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno of the Initial D manga and anime series, with the Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept. Now, the company is back with a video to showcase the new-age tofu delivery/drift vehicle.

Although the work of UK-based manga artist Sonia Leong is pretty cool on its own, watching the modern day hachiroku on the move certainly evokes some childhood memories. As a plus, there are several shots of a container full of tofu in the 86’s backseat, for even more resemblance.

The Toyota GT86 Initial D sports the classic Initial D “panda” livery and receives a series of modifications to ensure the spiritual successor to the AE86 is as close to its onscreen star as possible. This includes items like 17-inch, custom-made RS Watanabe alloy wheels, carbon-fibre bonnet, yellow-tinted fog lamps and even comes with mud flaps.

What do you think of the Initial D-inspired Toyota GT86? Is it a worthy homage to Takumi Fujiwara’s own panda Trueno? Let us know what you think in the comments below.