Fans of the Initial D manga and anime series, here’s something for you. Toyota UK has finally reimagined the world-famous Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno for a new generation with this lovely creation, the Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept.

The special project is aimed to be a faithful homage to Takumi Fujiwara’s Corolla GT Coupe, starting with the manga car’s distinctive panda-style monochrome livery. The car also uses new versions of the same Japanese market components that were featured in the series.

Firstly, there’s the 17-inch, custom-made RS Watanabe alloy wheels attached to a TRD Sportivo suspension system (with a Cusco strut brace). Other nods to the panda 86 include a carbon-fibre bonnet, yellow-tinted fog lamps and a silver-painted engine cover that is a nod to the high-revving ‘Silver Top’ 4A-GE engine.

This attention to detail even extends to the car’s newly-added mud flaps, which were installed simply because they were found on the original Initial D car. The GT86’s boot lid spoiler has also been removed, and the rear lenses have been tinted. Carbon-fibre door handle protectors and mirror covers are fitted to add to replicate the black plastic material used on the AE86.

“Right from the start, the Toyota GT86 was developed as a car that would appeal to enthusiasts, whether in standard trim or as an exploitable base for further modifications,” said Joe Clifford from the Toyota UK’s special projects team.

“With this Initial D concept we not only acknowledge how important the AE86 was in influencing Toyota’s modern approach to sports cars but also demonstrate how the GT86 can be aesthetically and dynamically improved with relatively simple aftermarket accessories. But perhaps most of all, we just thought it was an achingly cool idea,” he continued.

It certainly is a cool idea, and to introduce the Toyota GT86 Initial D Concept to the world, Toyoto commissioned UK-based manga artist Sonia Leong to design a series of panoramic backdrops that effectively places the real GT86 into the manga. If you need some ideas for a modern day hachiroku, here’s got a good template to follow.