Victory MY2017

As the other US motorcycle manufacturer that isn’t Harley-Davidson or Indian, Victory Motorcycles has proven itself to be a company that isn’t afraid of taking risks, notably with the introduction of the Victory Octane, as well as the Empulse TT e-bike.

With the major motorcycle shows lining up for the the autumn and winter season, when buying decisions are made in the western hemisphere, Victory has announced its 2017 model line-up of cruisers and baggers, most of them missing the plethora of chrome and bling that distinguishes the other two of the US motorcycle trinity.

While the 2017 Victory Octane is the only all-new bike in the range, the other models have received new paint schemes for the upcoming year. First off the top is the Victory Octane, which puts out 103 hp and 98 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm.


The 2017 Victory Octane now comes with four colour schemes – Gloss Black, Matte Super Steel Grey, Matte White and Gloss Black with Graphics. The Gloss Black retails for USD9,999 (RM40,200) while the rest of the range goes for USD10,499 (RM42,200).

Next up is the Victory Gunner, which is a cruiser in the traditional sense, and comes with spoked wheels. Unchanged for 2017, the Gunner retails for USD13,499 (RM54,250) in Titanium Metallic and USD13,899 (RM55,850) in Suede Sagebrush Green Metallic.

Coming in two new colour options for 2017 is the Victory High-Ball. Riders can choose between the Suede Black version at USD13,499 (RM54,250) or the Suede Nuclear Sunset Orange with white-wall tyres at USD13,749 (RM55,250).

Carrying an over-sized rear tyre, the 2017 Victory Hammer S sets itself apart as the only cruiser in Victory’s range to sport twin front-disc brakes. Decorated in Gloss Black with white racing stripes, the Hammer S will set you back USD15,599 (RM62,690).

Book-stopping Victory’s cruiser line-up for 2017 are the Vegas and Vegas 8-Ball, these pair of cruisers are differentiated by their paintwork. The Vegas comes in a bright shade of Sunset Red at USD13,999 (RM56,255) while the Vegas 8-Ball features Gloss Black paint at USD12,999 (RM52,240).

Victory’s range of baggers starts with the Magnum and it comes in three colours. The Gloss Black with graphics version costs USD22,599 (RM90,815) while the Habanero Inferno Orange and Indy Red Pearl colours with graphics go for USD23,099 (RM98,825).

One step up is the 2017 Victory Magnum X-1, and features a 200-watt 10-speaker sound system. The Magnum X-1 comes in Pearl White with a Platinum overlay, accentuated by Electric Red pinstriping.

At the entry-level of Victory’s tourers is the Cross Country, which comes bagger-style sans top-box. This tourer in the classic cruiser style will cost you USD19,499 (RM78,360) in Gloss Black, while the Suede White Frost, Suede Nuclear Sunset Orange and Sunset Red versions will cost USD19,999 (RM83,366).

Sitting at the top of the 2017 Victory tourer line-up are the Cross Country Tour and Vision Tour. The Cross Country Tour now comes with LED lighting, and comes in three versions – Gloss Black at USD21,999 (RM88,404), Gloss Blue Fire at USD22,499 (RM90,413) and two-tone Turbo Silver and Black at USD22,999 (RM92,422).

Rounding out Victory’s 2017 line-up is the Vision Tour. Although the tourer hasn’t been updated in a while, the Victory comes in Gloss Black and Gloss Blue Fire, which cost USD21,099 (RM84,790) and USD22,099 (RM88,805) respectively.

As the odd one out in the bunch, the Empulse TT e-bike comes with a 10.4 kW-hour battery that goes to full-charge in three hours, and the electric motor drives a six-speed gearbox, setting it apart from other e-bikes that direct-drive to the rear wheel. The Empulse TT comes in Titanium Silver with Havasu Red, and costs USD19,999 (RM80,366).