The recently released 2017 Victory Octane, built by Victory Motorcycles, has been trying hard to break the perception of American cruisers being heavy, lumbering machines dripping in chrome and weighing not far short of a super-tanker. To that end, the Victory stunt team took the new Octane to the Orlando Speed World track in Orlando, Florida, in an attempt to break the world motorcycle burnout record.

In the presence of a Guinness Book of World Records representative, the Victory team needed to have the Octane doing a rolling burnout for a minimum distance of 3.21 km in order to grab the record. Rider Joe Dryden took the 2017 Victory Octane, rear wheel spinning furiously till it blew out, to a distance of 3.58 km to etch his name in the record book.

While the Octane winning such a record is not an amazing thing in and of itself – any number of today’s superbikes could perform such a feat – it does show that Victory is a company that isn’t afraid of breaking the mould, and has a sense of fun.

Launched in February 2016, the 2017 Victory Octane is a 1,179 cc, liquid-cooled, EFI V-twin that puts out 103 hp and 98 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm. Weighing only 240 kg dry, the Octane is intended by Victory to be the most powerful production American cruiser in the US market. Pricing for the 2017 Victory Octane starts at US$10,499 (RM44,182).

GALLERY: 2017 Victory Octane