According to the Road Transport Department (JPJ), about 80% of the 117,000 students who use a motorcycle as transport to school do not have a valid license. This was revealed by the department’s enforcement division director, Datuk V. Valluvan Veloo in a report by The Sun.

The figures were obtained via survey jointly conducted by both the Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) and Department of Road Safety (JKJR). “The study also found that parents give permission to their children to ride a motorcycle without a license,” said Veloo.

“The excuse often given by the parents are such as the lack of public transport in their area and busy working that forced them to give their children a motorcycle to go to school,” he continued, adding that enforcement will be taken as a result.

This includes issuing summonses to these unlicensed students, as well as confiscating their motorcycles. However, the department will first conduct advocacy programmes to ensure students and their parents understand the importance of adhering to road regulations.

A few months ago, the MyLesen programme, which is initiated by the department, was relaunched to help unlicensed motorcyclists ride legally at a lower price. Since April, the public will only have to pay RM299 for a B2 class licence to ride a motorcycle under 250cc, instead of the usual RM350.