Citroën may have taken its eye off the luxury segment since the much-loved C6 was discontinued in 2012 (and no, the new China-only Peugeot 508-based car doesn’t count), but the unveiling of the new Citroën CXperience Concept shows the Gallic brand still has ambitions to tackle the market.

It’s certainly a striking-looking car – its imposing dimensions stand at 4.85 metres long, two metres wide and just 1.37 metres tall, and the wheelbase stretches some three metres long. The two-box profile is reminiscent of the original DS, and the massive 22-inch wheels sit at the far corners of the car.

At the front sits a distinctive X-shaped graphic that carries the double chevron logo and C-shaped LED daytime running lights; combined with the low-set LED directional headlights, they provide a new take on Citroën’s layered headlight design. Computer-controlled air intake covers and aero flaps at each corner improve aerodynamic performance.


Moving rearward, the CXperience features the trademark concave rear windscreen and C-shaped laser fibre optic tail lights that mirror the DRLs at the front – these lamps are mounted inside black blocks that follow the lines of the bootlid cutout, emphasising its width. The rear badge features a black lacquered finish.

Open the suicide doors and you’ll find a massive four-seat interior upholstered in bright yellow mesh fabric. Light walnut wood adorns the tubular floating dashboard and the backs of the lounge-like seats – the latter is fitted with memory foam for improved comfort.

The alcove-shaped door panels also feature the material along with sea-green geometric fabric to match the exterior, while the floor is covered in dark leather. Up top, twin skylights open up the interior to natural light, and the front seats have tapered backrests and open headrests to improve rear-seat visibility. The “Feel Good” atmosphere is enhanced through ambient lighting and an air purifier.

Post-production : Astuce Productions

Ahead of the driver, there’s a single-spoke steering wheel – again reminiscent of a DS – along with a wide head-up display panel. Next to them is a massive 19-inch 16:3-format touchscreen that holds all of the vehicle’s functions, including air-conditioning, driving aids, navigation and media sources, and can also be split into two parts to be controlled by both the driver and passenger.

A smartphone holder with wireless charging is fitted to the armrest, and is connected to the infotainment system. Rear passengers have access to a media tablet that controls the seats and air-con, as well as enabling media sharing through the Share with U app. Additionally, the headrests feature twin loudspeakers with integrated bass sound and a microphone – the resulting sound bubble allows each passenger choose who to communicate with.

Cameras are everywhere on the CXperience – twin side cameras substitute side mirrors, feeding the view to displays mounted in the doors; front and rear cameras provide the driver with a 360-degree view. There’s also a forward-facing ConnectedCAM (first seen on the new C3) behind the rear-view mirror that serves as a dash cam, while integrated cameras enable the driver to monitor young children in the car, or allow passengers to have a videoconference.


Technical details are scarce, but it is revealed that the CXperience will be powered by the PSA Group’s plug-in hybrid technology, with a petrol engine delivering between 150 hp and 200 hp and a twin electric motor – one sandwiched between the engine and the eight-speed electric automatic gearbox, one at the rear – contributing another 80 kW (107 hp) each. All-in-all, the system is capable of producing up to 300 hp.

A three kWh battery provides the electric motors with enough juice to travel 60 km all on their own, and can be charged in four and a half hours using a standard charging system, or two and a half hours via a 6.6 kW charger designed to be connected to a 32 A socket. The battery charge status is displayed through indicators alongside the bonnet.