In September, we brought you the first spyshots of the next-generation 2018 Toyota Camry, but the mule photographed was covered in the typical garbage bag camouflage, disguising much of the design. Now, our spies have captured a prototype with a lot less cladding, giving us a first proper look at the upcoming D-segment sedan.

It’s definitely a very aggressive design – Toyota is clearly trying very hard to shake off the Camry’s dowdy image, with the current facelifted US-market model already being a radical departure from before. The Predator-like front fascia is pretty much as was previewed on the NASCAR racing version.

The new Camry looks to be taking a lot of inspiration from Lexus, with its version of the spindle grille – albeit one that’s even more complex in design compared to its premium brethren – flanked by slim headlights and curved outer air intakes. Along the sides, there are strong haunches and a shoulder line that rises upward, while the door mirrors now sit on stalks on top of the door skins.


Moving to the back, the rear windscreen swoops to meet the raised bootlid – this, combined with the slit-like two piece tail lights, gives it an almost Mark X-like look. The large wheels, faux rear air vents and quad exhaust exits point towards this particular model being a sportier, high-performance variant.

We also get a peek at the interior – it certainly seems a lot sportier than the current car’s rather dour cabin, with a centre console that appears to be angled towards the driver, and a deeply hooded instrument binnacle a bit like the one on the original Altezza, giving a very driver-focused look. It has to be noted that this car is the US-market model, and not the more conservatively-styled version that we’ll eventually get.


Under the skin, the next-gen Camry is expected to ride on the new, modular Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) that debuted on the Prius, and is rumoured to make use of aluminium body panels to save weight. Meanwhile, Toyota is expected to ditch the biggest 3.5 litre naturally-aspirated V6 for the turbocharged 2.0 litre 8AR-FTS four-pot already seen on the Toyota Crown and various Lexus models.

What do you think of this hyper-aggressive Toyota Camry? Would such a model be enough to banish memories of its uncle-style predecessors?