Seen here is the next BMW 6 Series coupe, which appears to initially closely resemble the current model, in silhouette at least. It’s early days, therefore camouflaging on the prototype seen here is prolific; however what can be seen here is the more sloping roofline, particularly towards the rear window.

Up in front, the kidney grilles appear to be larger and wider than before, taking up more of the overall width and helping to give the new 6 Series a wider and sportier look. Behind those kidney grilles, the same range of engines that will be in the new, G30 5 Series is expected to grace the 6 Series as well, when the two-door model makes its debut. Naturally, an M6 is expected to be derived from new 6 Series as well, and we can expect its mechanicals to be similar, if not identical to the upcoming M5’s.


Where there’s a coupe, there’s a convertible, in most cases of BMW’s two-door models at least, and the 6 Series convertible is expected to make its official appearance roughly six months after the coupe’s debut. A follow-up to the four-door, F06 6 Series Gran Coupe can be expected after that, too, with similar mechanicals under the skin.

The upcoming BMW 8 Series marks the move to an even more upmarket class than the 6 Series currently resides in, which could free up the new 6 Series to tackle the likes of the Porsche 911 and the Jaguar F-Type, albeit with a more grand touring flavour.