Audi Sport, the company’s high-performance division will look to expand its line-up of RS vehicles in the next 18 months. This is according to new boss Stephan Winkelmann, former CEO of Lamborghini.

In a report by Autocar UK, Winkelmann said: “There is more to come. We have one company, one name and we have a brand. But we will remain exclusive.”

Currently, the Audi RS roster includes the RS 3, RS 6, RS 7, RS Q3, TT RS and R8. More will be added over time, but there’s no indication on what models will be added and when. The A1, A4 and Q5 are likely candidates to be made in to RS models, as is a more highly-strung version of the R8.

Even with this expansion plan, Winkelmann has declared that the company will develop its cars differently from that of rivals, Mercedes-AMG. “We are not going to do what they do. We have a lot of plans but are not revealing them yet. It is better to under-promise and over-deliver,” he said.