The Mercedes-AMG vehicle line-up has grown to be a pretty sizeable one, so when it comes time for a family photo, you know it’s going to be something special. The company recently released this promotional video of all its cars being called in for a photo op, with loads of drifts, grunts, along with a good mix of lights shaped like alphabets and numbers.

As you can tell, there are four important numbers you’ll need to remember – 43, 45, 63, 65 – which comprise the majority of AMG vehicles. Models that fall into the list include familiar ones such as the A 45, S 65 Coupe, C 63 Coupe, and GLE 63 Coupe, just to name a few.

Each AMG model range gets introduced in the video in the most dynamic way possible – plenty of precision driving, generous engine revving, and indoor slides – all to “help” get the cars arranged neatly. By the end of the video – the GT, which occupies the upper echelon of the AMG range, takes its place at the front as the company’s flagship.

Summing things up is a simple, yet impactful string of words: The world of AMG. One attitude. Your choice. So, which one’s your favourite?