In line with the government’s move to encourage the use of electric vehicles, a bevy of electric bikes (e-bikes) were seen on display at the Mines Internationational Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC). Distributed by Tree Movement Malaysia, a selection of scooters, an e-motorcycle and enclosed e-motorcycles were on display.

Dubbed the T-220, this e-motorcycle takes to form of a standard motorcycle of around 500 cc, but uses an in-hub, 8 kW electric motor in the rear wheel. A 100 kg 96-volt battery pack replaces the engine, and the T-220 is said to weigh 300 kg.

Range is estimated to be 120 km on a full charge using household current, which takes about five to six hours. Availability is scheduled for the end of 2017, and the estimated price is RM20,000.

On the scooter front, there are two model ranges on display, the T-90 and T-70, with two models each. Each uses a brushless, in-hub electric motor, and the main difference between the models is the motor power rating and battery type.

For the T-90, the two models in the range use either a 5 kW motor with 84-volt 50 Ah lithium-ion battery pack, or 2 kW motor with 84-volt 40 Ah Tree Gold battery pack, with charging time at five and six hours, and a range of 105 and 85 km, respectively.

Weight clocks in at 115 kg for the lithium-ion model, while the Tree Gold battery equipped machine weighs 178 kg. Pricing for the T-90 e-scooter with lithium-ion battery is RM 9,900, while the Tree Gold battery equipped model goes for RM8,800.

Lower down the scale is the T-70 e-scooter, again with two models being offered in the range. While both models use identical 1.5 kW in-hub electric motors, the difference lies in the battery packs, with lithium-ion and Tree Gold battery pack versions on offer.

The T-70 e-scooter with lithium-ion battery and 90 km range is priced at RM5,600, while the Tree Gold battery version with 60 km range goes for RM4,500. The e-scooters weigh 78 kg and 90 kg, respectively.

There were also two enclosed e-motorcycles on display at the Treeletrik stand, a four- and three-wheel model. The four-wheel model, dubbed the T-Vantage, has a 100 km range on a full charge, and a maximum speed of between 70 to 80 km/h.

Coming equipped with air-conditioning, reverse camera and a stereo system, the T-Vantage retails for between RM25,000 to RM27,000. Using the same internals, the T-2000 is the three-wheel version of the T-Vantage, and uses a motorcycle-style tiller steering.

Retailing at RM20,000, the T-2000 omits the stereo, reverse camera and air-conditioning of the four-wheel model. Both enclosed e-bikes come with LED lighting, rear passenger tandem seat and windshield wiper.

We were informed by Tony Yap, chief operating officer of Tree Movement Malaysia, that the Treeletrik e-bikes are registered under the Road Transport Department’s (JPJ) “L” vehicle classification. The minimum of a “B2” motorcycle license is required to ride the Treeletrik bikes, with road tax set at a minimal RM2.

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