Tesla’s Autopilot autonomous driving capability has been both endorsed and doubted, while a high-profile case found a Model S to be operating in Autopilot mode when it ended in a fatal crash. Now, the American electric automaker has another public fan in Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, who said that Tesla’s Autopilot is “basically five years ahead” of other autonomous systems.

“Anybody who’s talking about 2021… that’s just a non-starter anymore. And I think that’s probably the most significant bit in the automotive industry. Anybody who is talking about autonomous capabilities in 2020 and 2021 is at the moment re-evaluating in a very significant way,” Huang said.

Tesla Autopilot-01

Autonomous driving is not a “detection problem” but rather, an “AI problem,” Huang added, which can be solved next year with the use of Nvidia’s Drive PX 2 supercomputer, which he claimed in the video above to have “the computational capability of 150 MacBook Pros,” within a package the size of a lunch box.

When asked why Tesla selected Nvidia’s technology for the second generation of Autopilot instead of Mobileye’s, Huang stated three reasons: Nvidia’s GPU platform is better suited for artificial intelligence applications, it is scalable with over-the-air updates for the building of an autonomous fleet, and it is better at energy efficiency.