Proton LHD Preve to Chile 11

Proton will be revising its strategy for export markets as it faces stiff competition abroad, according to Proton CEO Datuk Ahmad Fuaad Kenali at the launch of the Proton Ertiga in Setia Alam.

When asked about export numbers this year compared to 2015, he said, “I think this year has been a very challenging year for us, in terms of competitiveness. We are retreating somewhat but we are not giving up on the export market. We are revisiting our strategy for export, while at the same time making sure our car will be very competitive before we re-enter the market.”

Proton will be scaling back exports of its older models, and Proton faces export roadblocks due to certain regulatory requirements, he added. “So, we are realigning our strategy, looking at how competitive our products are in those markets before we try exporting our cars again,” he said.

Currently, Proton has “five or six markets” which it currently exports to, and it is looking further afield to markets it considers able to accept its products, particularly its more recent products, the Saga, Persona, as well as the Iriz, it said. Prior to these models, Proton exported the Exora and Preve to Chile, and the Proton Waja much earlier in 2007 to Iran as the Proton Impian, for use as taxis.

Does Proton have specific markets in mind, looking forward? “Yes, but nothing has firmed up yet. We are actively looking at some markets that we were previously in as well. But nothing has come to fruition at this point until (the expansion plan) works,” said Fuaad.