Proton LogoProton will be supplying 5,000 units of the Proton Waja to be used as taxis in Iran through Iran’s Zagross Khodro group. It is marketed as the Proton Impian there, the same name used in other export markets such as the UK market.

There are also plans to assemble CKD kits of the Proton GEN2 at Zagross Khodro’s plant in Borujerd. The same plant also assembles Proton Wiras. There are currently 9,634 Protons on the roads in Iran today, after Proton’s entry into the Iran market in 2002.

The Iran government is working on an effort to renew the country’s taxi force. Iran currently has 70,000 units and many of them are aging and technologically outdated, so there are plans in place to replace most of them and increase the total number of taxis on the road to 100,000 units.