Sure, the Mercedes-AMG family is a whole lot larger than Lamborghini but that doesn’t mean the Italian automaker can’t have a get together of its own. The company’s latest promotional video does just that, with the entire Huracan range meeting up on a test track to… cross the finish line together?

Anyway, we get to see the four models under the Huracan banner as they depart from various parts of Europe. In western Portugal, a gentleman prepares to depart in his Huracan 610-4 Sypder at around 9.03pm. Meanwhile, in the Italian Alps at 6.46am, another finely-dressed man is about to set off in his Huracan 610-4 Coupe.

We move on to the non-four-wheel-drive Huracan variants, starting with Lamborghini’s latest introduction, the aptly-named Huracan rear-wheel drive Spyder. This time, the man driving it will begin his journey in the South of Spain, whereas the last member of the group will drive from the North of France in the RWD Coupe at around 6.56am.

From there, it’s a race of sorts to the test track, with plenty of noise being expelled from the 5.2 litre V10 engines lurking under the hood of each Huracan seen here. Oh, you also get to see plenty of tyre-slaying, and the Spyder models strutting their stuff (aka putting up their soft-top roof). So, which Huracan model is your favourite?