It seems like every time Volvo Trucks decides to release a new promotional video, it is bound to involve some extreme act. Whether it is Jean-Claude van Damme performing an epic split, the Iron Knight record-breaking truck or letting a four-year-old pilot a truck, it’s definitely something spectacular.

Here’s another, and this time, it involves the company’s FH 540 truck and a paraglider. Curious? Well, the premise here is pretty straightforward. All the truck needs to do is maintain an appropriate speed to keep the paraglider in flight.

Of course, it isn’t as simple as stomping on the accelerator pedal, as the stunt was undertaken in the Dinaric Alps in Croatia, full of inclines and declines that requires the truck to raise and lower is speed at the right moment to control the altitude of the paraglider.

Throw in a bridge crossing, and truck driver Louise Marriott has got her work cut out for her, trying to make sure Guillaume Galvani doesn’t end up in an ambulance. Will they make it? You’ll have to watch to find out.

The stunt also demonstrates I-Shift “no power loss” transmission, which is perfect for navigating the steep and curvy mountain roads, ensuring that the truck manages to maintain a certain speed, even if a paraglider isn’t attached.