Volvo Trucks’ latest video is remarkably cute, but highly effective. Pitting a four-year-old girl named Sophie against its mighty FMX truck doesn’t sound like a fair challenge. However, giving her the controls to its truck in a construction yard does balance the equation.

To prove its strength and durability, Volvo parked the FMX in a booby-trapped construction yard, fitted it with remote controls, and handed the four-year-old its controller. And as Sophie explains, “I stood there, and I drive it. Left and right, back- and forwards.”

Clearly, Volvo isn’t too worried about the possibility of Sophie completely annihilating its FMX here. But do they change their minds when she rolls it off a cliff? Check out the video above and find out, and see how the truck is built to withstand the punishment Sophie unwittingly dishes out in the film below.