As part of a promotional campaign for the Lexus IS, the company has revealed a custom version of the sedan featuring 41,999 programmable LEDs on its body. The “mobile screen” is dubbed the ‘LIT IS’, and would most likely not go down well with our local Road Transport Department (JPJ).

Capable of producing a total of 175,000 lumens of illumination at full strength, the LIT IS will do other tricks too, like broadcasting graphics, as well as displaying various animations. The car can also be set to three different modes – Attract, Music Viz and Gesture.

According to Lexus, Attract mode features a “loop of colorful graphics that highlight the strong lines of the IS and play into its bold styling.” Meanwhile, in Music Viz mode, the LEDs act like a visualiser, displaying graphics that sync to any song. In Gesture mode, the lights respond to a user’s hand motions via a gaming console.

Each LED strip is applied by hand, and if placed end-to-end, they would cover a length of just over 800 metres. “A car as visually striking as the LIT IS required an equally dramatic debut. A music video was a perfect place to launch the LIT IS and working with Dua Lipa allowed the concept to come to life, putting a spotlight on the Lexus IS in an entirely new way,” said Brian Bolain, Lexus general manager of product and consumer marketing.

In the video for Dua Lipa’s song Be the One, the LIT IS appears in several scenes, putting on its best light show, likely in sync with the music as well. Of course, if a car with fancy lights isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you can consider the saucy Lexus Sriracha IS?