If you’ve ever had to hand your car over to someone else to operate, you’ll be familiar with the sense of having a slight anxiety over your pride and joy being handled right. Well, how about a separate key for valet duties or moments when you do have to hand the car on? Volvo has announced such an item, and it’s called the Red Key.

Available for the S90 sedan, V90 wagon and XC90 SUV, the Red Key offers a ‘valet mode’ to ensure that others drive your car responsibly.

It limits the vehicle’s top speed to 120 km/h, the Adaptive Cruise Control is programmed to to maintain its maximum preset distance from the vehicle in front, and the maximum volume from the audio system is reduced.

When in use, the Red Key will permanently activate safety features such as BLIS (blind spot information system), Lane Keeping Aid, Forward Collision Warning, Driver Alert Control, Distance Alert and Traffic Sign Recognition. In the UK, the Red Key can be specified for £110 (RM609).