The police has approved of the Road Transport Department (JPJ)’s plan to haul errant motorists to court over traffic offences committed over the upcoming CNY period.

According to The Sun, federal police traffic investigation and enforcement department director SAC Datuk Mahamad Akhir Darus said that the law allowed such a move, reiterating JPJ director-general Datuk Nadzri Siron’s claims.

“Under Section 120 of the Road Transport Act, the powers to compound a traffic offence lies at the discretion of the relevant authorities and does not necessarily need to be automatic. We support the RTD’s move,” he told the publication.

However, police enforcement during the festive period – through Ops Selamat 10/2017, which runs until February 5 – will not be as drastic, he said. It will continue to come in the form of compound summons, but at the maximum rate of RM300.

The JPJ had earlier said that any offenders caught for seven offences will not be issued with compound fines, but will instead be hauled off to court. The seven offences are indiscriminate use of emergency lanes, overtaking on double lines, running the red light, using the mobile phone while driving, failure to fasten seat belts, jumping traffic queues and riding a motorcycle without a helmet.