With the launch of the Op Selamat 10/2017 road safety campaign for the Chinese New Year, Selangor state police has informed motorists to observe traffic rules this festive season or face hefty fines if they are caught, The Sun reports.

The operation, which began on January 21 and runs until February 5, is looking to reduce the number of road accidents from Op Selamat 9/2016, in which there were 5,247 cases, an increase of 248 from 2015.

State deputy police chief DCP Datuk Mohamad Fuad Abdul Latiff said authorities plan to go hard on those who violate traffic laws, including imposing maximum fines. He said selfish road users and those with a bad attitude were some of the major causes for the increase in road accidents during last year’s operation.

“On the amount of traffic summonses during Chinese New Year celebrations last year, 37,723 were recorded, while 34,847 summonses were issued in 2015. When traffic summonses are reduced, the accident rate should reduce as well, but here we have a reverse scenario, and I hope road users especially in Selangor take note of this matter,” Mohd Fuad said.

He added that fatalities in traffic accidents within the state were also on the rise, with 42 recorded in 2016 compared to 32 in 2015.