If you’re looking to catch traffic offenders in the act (abusing emergency lanes, etc.) with photographic or video evidence to submit to the Road Transport Department (JPJ), make sure you’re not taking photos or recording with your mobile phone while driving, warned the department.

In a report by Bernama, Kedah RTD director, Isma Suhaimi Sharif said this was because driving while using a mobile phone was an offence as stipulated under Section 17A of the Road Transport Act, with offenders likely to face a fine of RM300.

“Driving while using the mobile phone is also among the seven main offences which can result in court action and with no offer of compound penalty. We definitely encourage the public to channel information through various applications, but the photo or video should be taken by the passenger and not by the driver as this can be dangerous,” he said.

The department was previously reported to be developing an app for the public to upload photos of errant motorists, making it easier for the public to help the department, which can’t be everywhere, to nab culprits.