Top Gear is back for Season 24, and this time, there’s no Chris Evans and no six hosts. It’s back to three plus Stig, with Matt LeBlanc taking the centre seat. Joey will be flanked by Chris Harris and Rory Reid, the Extra Gear duo that most car guys preferred over the main show hosts. Let’s hope Sabine Schmitz makes an appearance or two as well.

Well, that’s what we get from the trailer anyway. In the video above, the TG hosts are seen applying for insurance, which as you can imagine, will be rather awkward due to the nature of their job – hooning, wrecking and doing stupid things are all part of the job description.

Among the questions posed by the straight laced manager are “do you have any prior motoring convictions?”, “can you confirm that you will be adhering to the speed limit?”, “will you be partaking in any competitive driving?” and “will you be requiring fire cover?”. Yup, awkward!

As the hosts answer the questions, we get snippets of what the new season has in store. We won’t spoil it for you, so go on and view the trailer above. Promising. I think we’ll get along fine with this version of the new Top Gear. No premiere date, though.