Nissan used emissions defeat devices in its diesel Qashqai, a South Korean court ruled recently, after the Japanese carmaker sued the country’s environment ministry for such claims last year.

In a report by Automotive News, the Seoul Administrative Court said Nissan used a defeat device to disable its emissions reduction system in 814 units of the Qashqai under regular driving, which led to higher than permitted nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

“It is reasonable to believe that the vehicle in this case achieved certification with false and other illegal means,” the court said in its ruling. In response, Nissan said the ruling was “regrettable,” remaining steadfast that it did not use any illegal devices in its vehicles, and will “consider possible measures.”

Earlier in the year, South Korean regulators banned the sale of 10 models, including Nissan, BMW and Porsche vehicles after the automakers were discovered to have fabricated certification documents relating to emissions and noise-level tests. The ban also included a combined fine amounting to 7.17 billion won (RM27,700,982).