Lusting after a proper, ground-up restomod like a Singer Porsche, but can’t stomach anything like the US$200,000 (RM886,600) one of those will cost you? Fret not, as David Brown Automotive has unveiled the Mini Remastered, which breathes new life into the iconic small car.

If the name David Brown sound familiar to you, that’s because it is the same company that came up with the Speedback GT. But whereas that car was an Aston Martin DB5-style pastiche on top of the bones of a modern Jaguar XK, the Mini Remastered uses an actual Mini as a basis for a complete revamp.

Each body is built by hand using brand new body panels, cleaned up in house to create smoother, more accurate surfaces and shut lines. The exterior shape is softer and more refined, with the seams removed and bespoke structural beams welded in; additional support struts have also been added for increased rigidity. An extensive sound-proofing process also ensures passenger comfort.

From there, the company injected its own design details, including custom-built aluminium grilles and triple round full-LED tail lights that cary the same jewel-like detailing and bezels as the Speedback GT. There are also bullet-style wing mirrors with integrated puddle lights, along with hand-built enamel David Brown badges.

The interior has also been remodelled with a new dashboard with paint, leather and fabric finishes, retro Smiths instruments, a Moto-Lita steering wheel, bespoke sculpted seats upholstered in British-sourced leather and a cupholder on the centre console.

Meanwhile, the boot is lined with leather, and the petrol tank is painted in the contrasting roof colour of your choice. An in-built infotainment and navigation system provides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality, and keyless entry, push-button start, remote central locking, a USB connection and a four-speaker sound system is also included for increased convenience.

Power comes from revised version of the original 1,275 cc engine, with power said to be increased by up to 50%. There’s also a fully-conditioned four-speed manual transmission that sends drive to the front wheels, along with upgraded suspension and brakes.

Each Mini Remastered benefits from a full four-week paint process for a flawless finish, and buyers will be able to choose from different exterior colours, contrasting roof finish, full interior trim and wheels; there are also other options and accessories to make the car stand out even further. There is also an option of completely custom exterior paint, as well as other bespoke options.

Prices has yet to be revealed, but given the level of the work conducted, don’t expect the Mini Remastered to come cheap, despite its humble base. What’s more, the company claims that the car will be highly exclusive, built in strictly limited numbers.