Porsche 911 and Mini

Look what MINI has given the Porsche 911 as a Golden Jubilee gift – a bundle of very yellow art in the shape of a photoshoot involving a classic 911 Targa 2.4 and a Mini 1000. MINI hails the birthday boy as “the flag-bearer of the German sports car fraternity” – we’re not sure it’d be as kind if it were still British-owned.

Still, the photoshoot displays some lovely contrasts between the two 1960s icons – apart from the fact that one is a sports car; the other a practical small car, their engines sit at opposing ends of the vehicle, feeding power to opposing axles.

MINI also mentions a couple of striking similarities between itself and Porsche. Both brands boldly broke away from tradition – one by switching to water cooling; the other with the extra emphasis on comfort and luxury. And lest we forget, both brands now make SUVs.

See the results of the photoshoot after the jump – there’s some serious bedroom wall material there.