SPIED: Dodge Challenger Demon testing, launch soon

The Dodge Challenger Demon has been spotted again just ahead of its debut at the upcoming New York Motor Show, this time likely for some last-minute testing. Following a long line of official teaser videos, this sighting shows the Challenger Demon ADR (American Drag Racer) completely undisguised.

The Demon sports a wider stance compared to the other models in the Challenger range, which is also set to receive a newer, slightly different look. As the name implies, the Dodge Challenger Demon places great emphasis on straight-line performance.

That the Challenger Demon ADR will have immense straight-line performance is a given – sources suggest that it will crank out a headline figure approaching 800 hp, considerably more than that of the Hellcat.

SPIED: Dodge Challenger Demon testing, launch soon

Its straight-line explosiveness is augmented by a torque reserve launch control system,which helps the supercharger build its rpm and ‘pre-fill’ its intake charge, combined with TransBrake to give a 105% increase in launch boost pressures and a 120% increase in engine launch torque.

Its chassis is set up with drag racing in mind too, where quicker-reacting springs and softer rebound damping in front are paired with softer compression damping at the rear. Similarly, the sway bars are 75% softer in front and 44% softer at the back.

Helping the driveline put power down to the wheels is the Launch Assist system, which aims to prevent wheel hop by dialling back the engine’s torque output to regain maximum traction. In its latest video teaser, the Challenger Demon ADR is shown to be able to capitalise on 100-and-above octane race fuel, or regular 91 octane fuel on demand.

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