So far, Nissan’s motorsports arm Nismo hasn’t really built a strong enough lineup of high-performance machines since becoming an in-house tuner in 2013. Hardcore 600 hp GT-R Nismo aside, the company has only released uprated versions of the 370Z, Juke, Note, Sentra (Sylphy) and, oddly enough, the Patrol.

But Nissan wants to do more, with plans to expand Nismo’s road car business into new segments, make the vehicles available in more markets globally and boost the lineup in existing markets such as Japan, Europe, North America and the Middle East. This is hoped to enable Nismo to sell more vehicles than the 15,000 units it currently delivers each year.

To that end, the Japanese carmaker has set up a new division called the Nismo Cars Business Department, part of Nissan’s own Autech that develops specialised converted vehicles. This, Nissan says, will enable Nismo to plan and develop more appealing products, in a shorter timeframe.

“As a Nissan sub-brand, Nismo further builds upon the core values of Nissan cars,” said Nismo and Autech president and CEO Takao Katagiri. “With the combined expertise of Nissan group companies, Nismo road cars will make customers enjoy Nissan cars more than ever.”

Aside from helping Nismo expand its lineup, the new business unit will also be involved in the company’s marketing, which will include the display of Nismo road cars at Nissan dealerships and showrooms, as well as the holding of events and activities for Nismo car owners.