Nissan Elgrand VIP Autech 1

This is the Nissan Elgrand VIP, customised by Nissan’s conversion and tuning division Autech. Parked in a lonely corner at the Nissan 360 Asia & Oceania event, it looks like a regular facelifted E52 Elgrand V6 from the outside, save for discreet “VIP” emblems on the C pillars and tailgate, plus comfort-oriented Bridgestone Regno tyres. But it’s inside where Autech’s work shows.

This is the ultimate Elgrand, and it’s even more luxurious than the Toyota Vellfire Executive Lounge that was brought in by a grey importer last month. That’s because instead of the regular 2-2-3 seat formation, there are just two seats behind the front two in this big box.

This is the four-seater version of the Elgrand VIP (a three-row version is available), and as you can see, the two very important people at the back have abundant legroom.

It’s business class on the road, and the powered individual leather seats have ottomans, foldaway tables and LED reading spotlights. Also available are cupholders, power outlets and sunshades. The floor is thickly carpeted.

There’s a console that separates the cockpit and passenger cabin, and this divider contains bins and a magazine pocket. Curiously, there’s an analogue clock above the latter – being so small, it can’t possibly be very useful. Just an ornament, perhaps.

Both front and rear sections have its own sunroof. A full length panoramic roof would be nice when the weather permits, and bigger bosses might feel a bit constricted by the fixed separator. A chiller would be welcome, too. Other than that, what a way to travel.

Fitted as such, the Elgrand VIP is an eight million yen (RM277,910) MPV, approximately three million yen more than the base car, an Autech staff tells me. Unlikely to appear here via the grey route as most approved permits will be used on Alphards and Vellfires, but VIPs can special order like they always do.