Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) is providing new options for customers to finance and protect their prized vehicles. Leveraging on its menu selling strategy, MBSM recently introduced Return To Invoice (RTI) insurance and Tyre and Rim insurance options for customers to complement their standard comprehensive motor insurance.

Customers financed under MBSM enjoy a number of options at the end of their contract period; whether it is to keep their vehicle by paying the residual value, utilising follow-up financing, or return the vehicle for a new Mercedes-Benz.

Now, RTI insurance helps ease the financial burden of the policy holder in the event of a total loss, from theft or fire, where a replacement vehicle is required. It offers complete protection against depreciation by covering the difference between the purchase price of the vehicle and the amount paid by a comprehensive motor insurance at the time of loss.

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Those who take up RTI coverage, also known as GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance, will have the same amount of money to purchase a replacement Mercedes-Benz. The maximum sum insured is RM1 million, and the maximum gap payout is RM500,000.

Meanwhile, Tyre and Rim insurance policy holders enjoy an additional layer of protection for the tyres and rims of their vehicle, which can amount to quite a bit with ever increasing rim sizes. These include replacements of up to all four tyres and four rims per policy year. If you’re not already aware, standard motor insurance does not cover tyre/rim damage.

“The introduction of these insurance solutions is timely as the demand for complete insurance solutions and peace of mind is on the rise with the Malaysian market becoming more aware and informed about the importance of insurance. The RTI insurance offers higher coverage and compensation compared to similar products offered in the market,” said MBSM MD Mike Ponnaz.

“We are a first mover in the market with the Tyre and Rim insurance, as it is the first of its kind for Mercedes-Benz customers in Malaysia. With this insurance, customers do not need to incur any additional expenditure for tyre or rim replacements,” he added.

Both insurance options are available with any Mercedes-Benz model, for individual or fleet purchases. Customers can also customise their financing package to include one or both insurance products through Agility Financing.

Existing MBSM customers whose vehicles are still within the manufacturer’s warranty are eligible to purchase the Tyre and Rim insurance directly from their authorised dealer network. Customers whose vehicles are registered within one year are also eligible to purchase RTI insurance. The policies are underwritten by Allianz and AXA Affin.