It’s been more than a year since the Tesla Model 3 was unveiled, and yet, details about Elon Musk’s latest product offering are still pretty limited. However, a source from the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club forum has revealed what appears to be a retail comparison chart featuring the Model 3 and Model S, giving us further insight into the former.

As the Model 3 is meant to be positioned below the Model S, it isn’t surprising to see the soon-to-be most affordable Tesla lose out on certain fronts. For instance, the Model 3 offers around 346 km of claimed range, whereas the Model S has an EPA-rated range from 400 to 539 km.

The chart also shows a 0-96 km/h time of 5.6 seconds for the Model 3, while the most powerful iteration of the Model S – the P100D – will do the same in 2.3 seconds. There’s more too, as Model S owners will have free and unlimited access to Tesla Superchargers, while Model 3 owners will need to pay per use.

In the areas of practicality, the larger Model S will no doubt be superior, as it offers seating for five adults and two children (with rear facing seats). By comparison, the Model 3 will accommodate five adults and feature a cargo space of 396 litres, accessed via a manually-operated boot (powered liftgate and 850 litres of cargo space for the Model S).

The Model 3 will come with just one 15-inch touchscreen display, confirming what we’ve seen in earlier spyshots. Meanwhile, the Model S is a little more conventional with two displays – driver and 17-inch touchscreen – the latter dedicated to accessing various vehicle functions.

It’s clear that the chart is meant downsell the Model 3, and promote the Model S, more so when you look at the delivery timing for both models as well as the number of possible configurations.

GALLERY: Tesla Model 3 spyshots

GALLERY: Tesla Model 3